Catching Up

Let’s call this post 38/52 and 39/52 as well, shall we?  I count at least 5 kids up there, so yes, I think we shall!

Our plans for the last week and a half were upended.  Many things shifted and changed.  We had company.  Various family members from out of state visiting, leaving, others coming, some returning again.  I’ve barely touched the computer in the last 12 days and I have an inbox full of unanswered (mostly unread, eek!) emails.

Galen is working on a homeschooling project, gathering and recording stories, to start compiling a family history.  He was conducting interviews throughout the week.  So far it has been a beautiful, moving and poignant experience, at least once he got past a fit of giggles over the first one.

My father oversaw music lessons for the week.

Have I mentioned that I’m learning French?  Galen and Mairi wanted to study French because of ballet, so I am learning along with them.  It would not be my first choice of second language, but it can’t be denied that there are some fabulous patterns in French, so there’s that at least.  Also, it turns out that I’m part French, which I totally didn’t know until like this part year, so maybe this somehow makes up for lost time?

After an unusually warm start to September, autumn is finally starting to set in.  Last weekend we harvested all of our squash and made our first batch of applesauce.  This weekend I pulled out my wool tights to go to a corn maze.  On my sister’s last night here we roasted peaches and ate them topped with homemade vanilla-caramel ice cream.  We’ve been eating way too many sweets.  She added a few rows to the now well-known blanket.  It feels good to start to settle into the inward arch of our year.  I think Mairi Rose and I will plant some bulbs in the garden this week.

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments and messages over the last several weeks!  They really do mean the world to me.


One thought on “Catching Up

  1. christina

    Thoes are beautiful pictures! And what a great things,to be recording family history, learning French ,making applesauce, and eating peaches with vanilla caramel icecream! So many happy memories made:). Christina

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