A start to the Autumn sewing…

Sewing seems to have fallen by the wayside with my current kitting obsession. I have managed to churn out a couple of quick things and I am hoping to get back into more of a groove soon.

First up is a quickie pair of pants for him (also seen here). There has been this weird plaid/gingham trend around here lately, so don’t be surprised to see more of this sort of thing showing up.

The fabric is twill from Chez Ami, when they were having one of their fabulous clearance sales and it’s awesome. I have some more (in an even more vivid pattern, yikes!), that I’m looking forward to working with soon. Life gets interesting when you start letting the kids pick their own fabrics!

I actually love these pants and think they look adorable on him, but so far, most other adults that I’ve come across seem to disagree…

And a quickie skirt for me, from some wool jersey that I’ve had kicking around for ages now…

Iain was kind enough to take several pictures of me in it. He caught me in the process of pulling back my hair in this one, but this was the one that Steve liked, so this is the one you get!

I’m still rather rounder then usual (well ok, I guess with all the babies it’s more usual at this point for me to be quite round then not). I am not loving my lack of clothing at the moment, nor the way most things I own fit. I was rather slim (for me anyway) before getting pregnant this time around and in some kind of fit of insanity or something, altered most of my clothes to fit my smaller self.

Like most women, I struggle with the whole body image thing. I want to be healthy and to feel well, but at the same time I also want to accept where ever I’m at in a given time. Posting a full-body picture, by the way, was a step in the direction of trying to be content with where I’m at! There is lots of conditioning to go against here, but I feel like it’s really important, especially now that I am raising a daughter. I’m really sick of storming around trying on various combinations of anything that I think might work, and ending up frustrated and feeling poorly, when all I wanted to do was walk out the door looking presentable. In the interest of being a good role model for my girl (and maybe, just maybe, being a bit more caring to myself), I’ve been trying to pay close attention to what I like, what I’m comfortable in, what I feel good in and little by little, start making myself a couple of things. The goal is to be able to easily get dressed in the morning, glance in the mirror, smile, and get on with my day. I’m not in love with this skirt, but it’s comfy and it fits and it gives me some more options, so it’s a start.


13 thoughts on “A start to the Autumn sewing…

  1. Katie

    I don't comment often, although I love your blog…

    That is an absolutely gorgeous picture, and you are a very beautiful woman. Thank you for posting it!

  2. Melanie

    Melody- I know you are not fishing for compliments at all here, but I still want to tell you that I have always been completely floored by how beautiful you are! Not just on the outside, but also your life and your family and your ways.
    But I know the pressure you talk about- I feel it too. I used to be tall and willowy- now I'm just. . tall. . .AND I've got 4 sisters in their early 20s, while I am in my 30s! Fun.
    Anyhow, I try hard to be a good role model for my daughter too- I do not want her to watch me fret over my size and whatnot, or compare myself to others. It can be hard.

    Love the purple skirt! And the pants too. I am also doing my Fall sewing- it seems all my children grew inches overnight.

  3. Michelle

    I will be the third to say you are a very beautiful woman. No wonder Steve likes that picture, it shows all of your natural curves! :)

    I am with you on the body image thing as well. I have 4 daughters, 3 adult and one 5 year old. It is tough not to get caught up in that trap. I think that we women do it to ourselves. Its not the men who don't like what we look like.

  4. Becky

    You are quite beautiful as is, Melody. You look exactly how a woman should-Curvy and soft and feminine.
    You have so many qualities that make you fabulous, and although being beautiful is one of them, it is only one aspect of you. Love the whole you :-)

  5. Jenn

    I love those pants on him (my Melodie girl loves wearing stripes with ladybugs and things that most other adults look at and then give me a look like I'm crazy for letting her be herself).
    And you are beautiful. That picture is stunning. I love reading your blog for your honesty and love of your family and all of that just shows through. And unlike you I haven't gotten to get far out of the post-baby roundness stage and am pregnant again with a very round stomach(crossing fingers for a boy, but will love it either way).

  6. Anna

    I've been following your blog for a little while now and haven't commented, but I want you to know you are beautiful!

    A reader from Vermont

  7. AndieF

    Love the purple!

    I've become a little rounder since having babies too – and lost most of the weight between 2004 and 2006, and then proceeded to have 13 week loss in 2006, and a stillbirth in 2008. I'm just now starting to be able to try and become more healthy with my eating and exercising, and of course, I managed to put some of it back on during my periods of grief. But trying to look at it each day at a time.

    So I've taken to dressing in dresses and skirts. They are a little more forgiving, and I can make them up in a jiffy (especially knit ones), and I love that with skirts, I can pair them up all sorts of different shirts, including some that some people might say don't match! LOL

  8. busygnomes

    I love boys in plaid and checks,Did I read that your first born and last were born on the same day, my first born and last were also born on the same day.
    Love your banner, your little girl is gorgeous!

  9. Monica

    What a beautiful post Melody. I can totally relate to the feeling in the last paragraph, and totally see your beauty there, and mine, sometimes…

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