I seem to have fallen into another one of those knitting-like-a-maniac-and-then-casting-things-aside phases that I sometimes go through. Remember 2008′s giant pile of UFO’s?? Hopefully those of you who are looking back at that link right now recognize a few things. I did eventually finish up most of it. And those things that I didn’t finish, just weren’t working out for one reason or another and are slated to be frogged in the near future.

Back to the present. I’ve been a knitting fiend lately, I mean seriously, I’m debating the best way that I can train myself to knit in my sleep…and off the top of my head I have 4, 5, 6? projects? more? to share here if, and only if, I can get it together to do the little bit of finishing work they require. Obviously something has got to give here. So…I’m devoting some time this week to finish work. And I hereby give you all permission to pester me unmercifully should I not post any finished items here by, say, the end of next week.

Now if you will excuse me, I have a date with my yarn needle.


2 thoughts on “Finishing

  1. Michelle

    I wish I could knit all the time. When I pick up my projects it is usually late at night and I am too sleepy. Great for you. I am still woking on the hat you led me to. I'll post that when I am finished as well.Good luck.

  2. Jenn

    Cosidering my ufo pile, I can't say a whole lot…but then most of mine need more than finishing. And I have finished about 5 small projects as of late. Problem is knitting is way to relaxing and puts me to sleep…
    But I always look forward to seeing your knitting and sewing projects…so knit on :)

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