my feet were cold…

I made socks.  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that if I’m ever going to open my drawer and actually find socks, I have to own socks that can not possibly be mistaken for Elijah’s (or Galen’s or Steve’s or Iain’s).  They must be unquestionably mine.  The life cycle of a pair of my socks goes something like this: I buy myself a pair of nice wool socks.  It’s exciting!  You would be excited to if you never had any socks to wear.  I wear said socks.  Such a delight!  When they are dirty I put them in the hamper.  I may even come across them again while doing laundry.  This is the point where things start to get fuzzy.  I don’t see them again for at least a month, maybe more.  If by chance they do somehow reappear in my drawer, they do so with a great many holes and thin places that I don’t remember from the first and only time I wore them.

I divided everything up, taking it on faith that if I worked my leftover yarn into stripes there would be enough.  I think this might be the first time I made a toe up sock?  I prefer toe down,  But toe up has it’s advantages, like when you are knitting until you run out of yarn.  A shorter sock is one thing.  A toe-less one is pretty useless.

I cut off all of my hair.  I’ve been too tired and sick to care for it.  Actually I made poor Steve do it, while he nervously asked if perhaps one of the neighbors wouldn’t be better suited to the task?  He took off a solid 14-plus inches.  I think I’m at peace with the decision, which wasn’t really so much a decision as a reaction, even though I prefer my hair long- especially when I’m on the chubby side, as I am now.  Usually I somehow don’t quite feel myself without my long and wild mane.  But this is who I am right now.  It’s the most that I can manage.  And that’s ok too.


5 thoughts on “my feet were cold…

  1. christina

    I love the socks you made I hope they’ll be around for a long time:). I’m sure your haircut is cute. It’s who you are right now,and that’s ok.:)
    Take care, christina

  2. mamaashgrove

    Oh Melody, how I love your writing! You always make me smile, and often describe things so vividly like my own life… This sock story of yours. :)
    I cut off all my hair two years ago, for similar reasons. I’ve been growing it back ever since, and I’m even resolved to keep it long through the postpartum hair loss phase. I’m in a chubby phase right now myself, and feel I need my hair. ..
    You are always so beautiful, Melody, one of the loveliest ladies I’ve ever seen. And I hope very much that you feel really good physically, soon!!
    Hugs ((()))

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