Mairi Rose: With her eager little gap-toothed smile she the very portrait of a true 1st grader!

Seraphina: She really is the silliest of girls sometimes!

We’ve had a damp and chilly weekend here and I’ve found myself sick, yet again.  Thankfully it’s just a cold this time.  For those who are keeping score; since the beginning of June, that’s 2 colds, 2 infections (totally unrelated to the colds), some strange virus I can’t remember the name of that turned the skin on my torso into flesh toned leopard print, and of course Lyme Disease.  That’s without counting other debilitating things like the pinched nerve and so forth. fun, fun.

We made apple butter, roasted tomatoes, tilapia chowder and many pots of tea.  I cast on for Mairi’s birthday sweater (dress actually).  My long lost, missing, size 6 curricular needles finally showed up in a hat Iain had been working on.  The dress yarn is bright and cheery and I’m greatly enjoying watching it knit up into neat little gathers.

About the tilapia chowder!  I keep meaning to update that recipe… It’s delicious the way I posted it, but if you really want to make it into something amazingly special, replace the water with broth, make sure to include yams, don’t skip or skimp on the dulse or tarragon and use a really creamy canned coconut milk like this one for the last part.


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