The Girl in the Rainbow Dress

My sweet friend Mardi sent me this yarn form Australia and in thinking about what to do with it, I was struck with a vision of this dress.

I’ve been designing knitwear from my kids for as long as I’ve been knitting.

On a couple of occasions I’ve tried to write out the pattern. But every single time I’ve gotten frustrated with having to take the time to stop and write out each step along the way.

I decided that is something that I really need to get over because I would like to share my own patterns and, for my own sake, it would be nice to be able to easily reproduce a design that I like!

I am pleased to say that this simple little dress was my first successful attempt.

This is just a little preview for you. I’d like to knit it again myself once more before I send it out into the world. I would also like the feedback of my friends who have offered to serve as test knitters for me.

For now let me tell you a little bit about it. I wanted to create a simple, yet highly adaptable knit.

It’s totally reversible, with the front and back having different shaping for a different look, one side having a wider, higher cut and the other narrower and lower (Màiri is wearing it here with the narrower, lower cut side to the front).

In these pictures it’s being modeled as a baby sundress. It also works as a jumper. I see it as a once size fits most 6 months to ??. I’ve been trying it on some kids of different ages and it seems to fit the average 3 year old tunic style and up to seven years as a tank top or vest.

I’m hoping that some of my friends will be willing to loan me their daughters so that I can show you the various other options!


12 thoughts on “The Girl in the Rainbow Dress

  1. Michelle

    Lovely! So soft. I like the adaptablility of it. Knitting takes time and it would be a shame to have it only fit for a short while.

  2. Melanie

    My heavens, I LOVE that! It could be done in wool and worn in winter over a shirt and leggings. . .there are so many possibilities! I would love to make this as a vest/tank for my 8 year old girl.
    Also, the picture of Mairi up close with her chubby little mouth and pursed lips is just too much!

  3. Jenn

    I love it!!! Mairi is adorable!
    That dress is just the kind of knit I like, not too complicated and something that lasts. I've made my Melodie some crocheted dresses that are now tops, but I've seen very few knits that are quite so adapable and long-wearing. I want to know when you get that pattern done!!!! If you need a test knitter, I happily volunteer and I have two little girls to test the fit on (hoping #3 is a boy) :)

  4. gold fawn

    What a lovely dress!
    I'm new to reading your blog but just love it. So sad to hear about your house. Good luck on your path to a new home. xo

  5. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    Very pretty dress! Now I am imagining for my bigger girls in wool over long sleeves as a great winter dress.

  6. Hallie

    I LOVE the dress! I am new to knitting and can't wait to see the pattern! Maybe I can actually make something other than toys! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Gavi

    I love this dress! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for to knit for my friend who just had her baby girl three weeks early. She’s not quite 6lbs and I see the pattern is for around 6 months. Any idea how I can make it a wee bit smaller, say for a 3 month old? It will be fairly warm here in GA until around the end of Oct. or first of Nov. so I think it would work great. Thanks for any times and Mairi is gorgeous in this dress!!

  8. Charlene K Benton

    My great granddaughter is turning 1 on April 26….I’d love to knit this for her bday, can I get the pattern to knit it by then? I am a quick knitter but don’t want to stay up all night LOL!!

  9. joanne amero

    Seeing as i have so many girls in the family ranging from size infant twin to qrown-up 30′s…all in all…22 grands and greats…this is a perfect design for me to use..i like the idea of making it into a summer/autumn/winter item…how do i get the pattern?

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