In the Month of September

Some things I’m enjoying this season…

~Lots of fresh blackberries, every day. Our cultivated crops may have been a bust this year, but the blackberries that grow wild around our property have been as prolific as I’ve ever seen them.

~Knitting still more pilot caps! This time in wool. I think this red one is my very favorite.

~Making more herbal oils…I have calendula and rose petals steeping now and it’s going to be absolutely divine! Next week I think I’ll do lots of healing herbs in olive oil and see if I can’t finally get around to that batch of salve I’ve been meaning to make.

~All of the late summer wildflowers. It’s hard to believe that it’s the time of goldenrod already. The purple asters, that are my especial favorite, are all starting to bloom at the bottom of the driveway. Time to stop pinching back the mums and let autumn really be on it’s way…

~Knitting, knitting and more knitting. Oh so much knitting! Someone in the comments recently asked me how long it takes me to complete a project. I’m afraid that I can’t really accurately answer that question. It totally depends on the project and my mood. Also, I may knit a rather large something over the course of a few days and then, as experience tells us, take 6 months or more to work in the ends or sew on a few buttons. It also depends a lot on how much I’m sleeping, which can vary greatly.

Right now I’m in knitting while walking mode. As in the baby is on my back and I’m pacing the floor with a ball of yarn tucked up under my arm, knitting as I go.

I go through phases like this every once in a while. This one I think is being fueled by an uncertain future and a strong innate desire to just keep my children warm this winter. I knit in the car while Steve drives, I knit while I wait for the water to boil so that I can wash dishes, I knit while I wait for pages to load. I try to sneak in a stitch or two around a nursing babe. I knit a row in-between helping the boys with their lessons. I knit a round while they set the table.

I met someone at a party a couple of weeks ago.
With a slight smirk he said to me, “Yeah, I think I saw you at the lake recently. You were standing in the water, knitting, with one baby on your back and the other splashing your legs. I thought it was a pretty impressive display of multitasking.” (read as: I thought that you were totally insane.)

Yup, that sounds about right.


4 thoughts on “In the Month of September

  1. Melanie

    First of all: your photographs are beautiful- I especially love the one with the yellow knitting, and the Autumn leaf off to the side.
    Second- It's nice to meet someone else who a) has knitted the LTK pilot cap as many times as I have, and b) walks around knitting with a baby on her back, including in odd places like standing in lake water. . .

  2. Jenn

    Being a knitting multi-tasker is odd??? I thought we were the normal, sane ones :) . Though I don't have a baby on my back (1 1/2 years old and able to walk/run means confinement is not welcome) I tend to knit with them on my lap, drag my knitting to work and everywhere else we go…just thought it was the norm for those of us who love knitting and crocheting.
    I love that yellow, can't wait to see the finished project!

  3. Shawnna

    Your blog is absolutly beautiful. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers and hoping for a quick resolution to your living situation.

    I would LOVE to know more about your herbal oils! How do you make them and what do you use them for? They look lovely! =)

  4. Pampered Mom

    I love how something like knitting (or crocheting in my case), sewing, etc…working with one's hands can help emotionally process difficult things in life. I've found that's certainly helped me this time around with a third baby on the way.

    Baby was very much a surprise and I've struggled with the vast majority of the pregnancy with how to accept something I just did not want. I found it oddly soothing that just sitting to crochet some pilot caps (plus picking out the yarn to do it) helped to being to accept the coming birth.

    It's like that something controllable helps to carry us through that which we can't control.

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