just the two of us

For months now, Galen has been wanting to take me to see all of the special places they visited during the nature program he attended last year.  We started talking about it in winter and decided it would be best to wait until spring.  Time after time, something came up; illness, weather, scheduling conflicts.  Finally one night I told Steve, “That’s it, tomorrow we are going.  This is the most important thing I can do with this day.”  And go we did, albeit four full hours later than I intended, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves at home.

I’ve been jokingly referring to it as our immune boosting trip.  We stopped at a friends garden on our way to munch on some rose hips (very high in vitamin C).  Once in the woods we gathered ripe elderberries to snack on (general immune support) and Galen built a little fire on which to prepare us some hemlock needle tea (also high in vitamin C).  Between that, the fresh air and all that good ole’ vitamin D, I figure we were pretty thoroughly bolstered up.  The pleasant company and laughter probably didn’t hurt either.

I have to say, it took every last bit of everything I had in me to make that trek, but it was worth it.  I know it meant so very much to him, and being there with him, just glowing with happiness, meant the world to me as well.

Fact: the start of the (home) school year along with our various commitments and new schedules is kind of kicking my backside all over town at the moment.  I want to be posting here with more regularity, but as with our hike, other things keep cropping up to prevent me.  Things are going well, except I’m not sleeping nearly enough.  I read something the other day (I have no idea where!) about how if you find yourself up at 12:30 trying to put together lesson plans, then something is out of whack with life and it’s time to address it.  It’s not that I don’t see the wisdom in this, it’s just that, well, when else is everything going to get done?


5 thoughts on “just the two of us

  1. Carie

    oh I know what you mean about the time! I’d love to be in bed with a book by ten but simply life with a young family, keeping the house habitable and then doing the things that I need to do to feed my soul and there’s just not enough day to go round!!

  2. MamaAshGrove

    I don’t do this nearly enough: getting one on one time with my kids. I keep reminding myself nearly every day to make it a priority, and to make individual plans- and then life homeschooling 5 kids kicks my backside all over town. Yes, I am in the same boat you are in, for the same reasons- I keep wondering how the heck am I going to manage all this….? And as the kids get older, more activities are added. We’re adding horseback riding for one kid, suzuki class for another, and a book club for another. . . eeeekkkk!!!
    I have found that unless I make sleep a priority, I fall apart- everything falls apart fast. I just can’t function unless I have some sleep- which probably still isn’t enough, really.
    Oh Melody I am so glad you went with Galen! The two of you will remember this day forever. Plus it sounds like your immune systems are now all ready for winter. ;)

  3. Kelly Seibert

    A memory Galen will cherish forever! (and you, of course!). Wish I would have read blogs like yours when I was raising my two gals…you are truly an inspiration! Hope you are feeling better these days.

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