a holzhausen (and 35/52)

“Every man looks upon his woodpile with a sort of affection.” ~Henry David Thoreau

In this case I think it’s understandable, this one is a beauty with a lot of charm – you know, for a wood pile!  Once our regular wood storage was full Steve decided to get a bit creative with the over-flow and, along with Iain and Elijah, spent a portion of last week building a holzhausen.  This is an old-fashioned, European, beehive shaped stack- practical for a number of reasons, but artful as well.

Later in the week we were entertaining house guests from out of state; old friends that we cherish dearly, but scarcely get to see.


One thought on “a holzhausen (and 35/52)

  1. Lauren

    So I stumbled upon your blog via the ravelry post ‘Scrappy Gnome Hat’. I have to confess that I have spent an exceptionally long time today reading older posts. I’m hooked! I’m a new mama ( little guy is 9 weeks today) and an obsessive knitter. We had a home birth, use cloth diapers and I’m always trying to get a reason to bake something yummy. Anyway, I love reading your posts and adore your birthday sweaters!

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