A couple of years ago for my birthday Steve came up with a sweet little idea to make the days leading up to my birthday a small but growing celebration with little treats along the way, complete with custom made little stockings, a la Advent.  He called it “Melvent”, which is not very catchy.  This year we rebranded the concept into Dadvent, which is actually rather catchy.

We filled his stockings with offerings from different people, things like favorite dinners every night, foot massages and the occasional edible treat, as well as the finishing up of projects around the house that he’s been meaning to get to or wanting to see done.

I believe Elijah styled the welcoming committee.  I know I certainly had nothing to do with it.

After the wall painting fiasco of 2013, they wanted to be absolutely certain that he spotted their surprise.  It turns out they went a bit too far.  He noticed the lights.  He noticed the sign.  He (obviously) noticed the loud, excited crowd of dressed up children.  He totally over-looked the stockings and the little gift mounted on the wall.

I’m having computer problems again which is making it hard to accomplish anything computer related (ordering school supplies, ordering library books, setting meetings, returning emails, posting here…), but giving me a bit more time to work on stuff around the house.  But really only a bit because I find myself wasting too much time fighting with the computer and trying to bend it to my will before I give up.



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