Carina’s doll quilt

This little doll quilt and matching pillow were a quickly whipped up gift for our next door neighbor’s 7th birthday.

Lately I’ve started to notice that my friends and family have begun treating me like a repository for their extra and unused craft supplies. The assumption being that I will find something to do with it.

Well now, I can’t really argue with that logic and I must say, I don’t mind a bit! In fact I kind of love it. Because well, seriously, free yarn and fabric? What’s not to love?? It can also be quite fun to take some one’s stash and try to come up with your own vision for it.

And it’s true that when given natural fiber yarn or fabric, I will find something to do with it at some point…. The one glaring exception thus far has been those 2 yards of lime colored metallic fan fabric that are sitting upstairs on a shelf mocking me. Oh, but even that, I am thinking, one day might be able to find a home in the dress-ups box. (Maybe.)

All of the fabrics from this project were gifts of the maybe-you-can-do-something-with-this-since-I-never-will sort. And they all joined together quite happily to make a sweet package for one doll loving little girl.


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