Baby Animals and Airplanes

I started this post nearly 2 weeks ago, before taking an unexpected break from the computer.

My sister left early this morning, following a much needed extended visit. The last couple of weeks have been quite full.

There were birthdays and half-birthdays, the Fourth of July, some of the first late night canning sessions, trips to the farm and the library and the lake.

In and around all that is LIFE, my sister and I slipped in time working on two projects; one a care-package for a certain sister of ours who seems to be taking the phrase “starving student” a little too seriously, the second a joint craft project.

Ever since I saw a friend of mine, changing her baby on the hand-sewn quilt that she made with her sister and mother, I’ve been crazy about the idea of collaborative craft project for us. My baby sister (and yes, I still reserve the right to call her that, even if she is just as tall as me now) and I spent this last week hand piecing and embroidering a quilt top, since that’s what she decided that she’d like to learn how to do. I sent her home with all of the components and instructions to start quilting it. Hopefully I’ll have the finished project to share with you some time after our next visit together in August.

Rather then just serving as an explanation for my absence, this post was originally going to be about some of our outings this spring. Of course, that was before the business of summer prevented me from posting!

Our spring was quite full too of course, and one of the reoccurring themes were the baby animals that seemed to be turning up everywhere for us to admire and learn about, cuddle and help care for.

We’ve had ducklings, chicks, piglets, kittens and goat kids in the neighborhood to visit with, along with calves and still more piglets at various farms.

The ducklings were a spectacular hit as always. since they are the ones that we have the most easy and frequent access to (of course this is subject to change as the kittens are still too little to come out and play…).

Galen in particular has suddenly been caught up in duckling fever, with the little set of ducks that I knitted so long ago, suddenly becoming the focus of all kinds of attention and care.

They are to be held just so, don’t you know, with one hand over and one hand under.

Then there is the play lantern that stands in for a heating lamp, which we are not. to. turn. off.

On the whole it’s really a rather amusing and sweet sort of play.

The pictures from the second half of this post are from an airport tour we went on, which sounds a whole lot more exciting then it actually turned out to be.

Or at least Steve and I thought so. Iain was enthralled. Which is interesting because being a pilot is just the sort of thing that I can see him growing up to do, but as far as I know he’s still holding tight to his professional baseball plans.

The planes were interesting, but we didn’t get nearly as much time with them as we would have liked. And the airport, well, it was good for a laugh or two anyway. At least for those of us who were old enough to be amused by it’s antiquated, circa 1954 “charm”…


One thought on “Baby Animals and Airplanes

  1. Michelle

    I have been wondering where you were. Your boys are very beautiful. They look a lot like you.
    How nice that you got to enjoy time with your baby sister.

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