Iain: Deep into making plans to build what sounds like a very impressive tree house.

Elijah: Head waiter at the “Eat What We Have” restaurant, where meals are exchanged for favors and often come at a high price.

   Galen and Mairi Rose: Built a “people moving machine”.  Also built by Galen this week; a boat named “The White Turkey”.

Seraphina:  Screamed to go up in the “people moving machine” and cried when we took her out.  Since the change in weather she wants nothing to do with clothing, but she’s all for strawberry smoothies!

Clearly they are all feeling much better this week!


4 thoughts on “28/52

  1. Carie

    Oh I love the people moving machine, what an ingenious idea! There’s so much creativity in all of them it’s lovely to see :)

  2. Chantal

    I love your blog and have been a fan for some time now. I live a very opposite lifestyle being a city dweller with no kids and I get my fix coming over to your space :) I love love love the home life you have all created and the values your children are being taught. I find it precious.

    ps. This makes me want to knit now…


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