Merino Kids

I’m specializing in sleeping baby pictures this week!  My Sweet Wild Violet in the most darling little pajama set c/o Merino Kids.  With the recent cool and damp, she’s practically been living in these while we keep close to home, healing and slowly recovering.  She’s sleeping in them yet again as I type this.  This beautiful merino wool doesn’t even have a hint of scratchiness.  I wore one of the pant legs on my arm for a while to be absolutely certain.  Butter soft.  I love how the cross-over style adds an extra layer of warmth over her chest and I’m positively thrilled that the bottoms accommodate a cloth diapered bum!  That is such a rare find these days and I get so sick of worrying about the chill on her exposed back from ill fitting pants.  The raspberry color is terribly sweet.  I swear it makes her skin glow and I just can not stop kissing her scrumptious wee self!  (Though really that’s nothing new.)  I wish she had another set (or two, or three!).  It’s going to be the perfect under layer come cold weather.  But I kind of feel like they are too cute to hide away.  Maybe some sort of coordinating jumper?  Food for thought and raspberry kisses to dream on.  Now if you will excuse me, I have a soft, wool covered, rosy, little love-bug to go cuddle up…


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