Mother’s Day Musings

We made our annual Mother’s Day pilgrimage to the garden center yesterday. It was windy!! As if that wasn’t evident by the state of my hair. Lots of yummy things coming home to our garden for sure!

It was actually a really long trip, with lots of errands to run in preparation for a thoroughly busy week. Over-whelming really, with every place being overly crowded on account of the holiday. My poor Wee Girl was on overload. She’s not used to such things. We lead a fairly quiet, simple home life, very well suited to the sensitivity and openness of a little babe. I’m not used to such things myself and I find I greatly prefer a world view where my own garden and our wonderful community are most prominent. I like our little library where everyone knows everyone’s name. I like the local co-ops and the family owned stores; small, personal, welcoming. It’s a good reminder to me to be very grateful for my husband who is willing to go out into the world on our behalf, to earn the money that lets us lead our quiet little life.

I was feeling very nostalgic, thinking back to Mother’s Day’s past. In particular last years, when we shared with the children the news of a new sibling on the way. Also, that Mother’s Day 7 years ago, our first on this land, when I was oh, so ripe and full, waiting for my Middlest Boy to be ready to join us. Thinking of the hope and joy that these two little ones, along with their siblings, have brought into our lives.

We are very blessed indeed.

And really now, how many women can say that they got the planets for Mother’s Day??

This is just a sampling of course, because I received 2 complete solar systems (I think that Jupiter’s 61 moons probably resulted in a few hand cramps).

I hope you all had a beautiful, creative, original, and memorable day!

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Musings

  1. Michelle

    We do the garden centre thing on Mother’s Day too. After that it is BBQ and wine on the deck. Heaven to me.
    And thank you so much for your comments to me on homeschooling. Very insightful.

  2. Nicole

    I enjoyed reading this post, we too lead a quiet simple homelife in a small welcoming community… You gave me a good reminder, that I need to thank my husband for his willingness to go out into the world on my behalf! I can’t say that I received planets for Mothers day but I do love yours! I giggled when I read “I think that Jupiter’s 61 moons probably resulted in a few hand cramps” : )

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