The Blessing

I thought I would share the baby blessing ceremony that we held for the little ones. I gathered inspiration from many sources and so it feels right to put this out into the world as a resource to others who might be interested in doing something similar.

Just a couple of notes first. All of the photos in this post are from before or after the actual ceremony. During the ceremony my camera was being used to film everything. We held the ceremony back in the woods by a small waterfall just off our property. All of the music selections were left to the discretion of the musicians. They each choose which song they wanted to give to the children as a gift.

We chose my dear friend Molli to act as guardian to Màiri. And our good friend and neighbor Seal stood in as guardian for Galen.

This is just a basic outline, obviously, not word for word.

The Blessing Ceremony of Galen Michael Millar and Màiri Rose

‘Au Clair De La Lune’ a duet, played on guitar, by Iain and my father

Molli gave a small introduction, welcoming everyone and explaining the purpose of our gathering.

Vows by Iain and Elijah and their Guardians (My sisters, Tina and Rachel):
I asked them what they would like to do for the little ones. Iain chose to sing “The Rainbow Connection” and Elijah played “Rock-a-bye Baby” on the recorder. Each performance was followed up with my sisters pledging to support them and guide them in their role as big brothers.

The Origin of Galen’s name (read by Steve):
We named you Galen, for it means ‘healer’ and ‘calm’ and you came to us at a difficult time in our lives and healed a part of our hearts. You share the middle name Michael with me. And Millar is the maiden name of your Great-Grandmother.

Galen’s Rainbow Bridge Story (read by Seal):
Iain and Elijah flap rainbow scarf over Galen
Once upon a time there was a little star child. For a long, long time he flew from star to star collecting light and music from all around him. One day the little star child went to the sun. It was a place of warmth shining like gold. There the birds, bees and butterflies sang to him of love. Next he went to the moon clean and glowing like new snow. From the moon he saw the most beautiful place- a place of flowers, trees, rolling oceans and four special souls who seemed to be smiling up at him. The little star child decided to use his gifts of light and music to cross over the rainbow bridge where a father, a mother and two brothers had been waiting for him. And so the star child came to his new home on earth…

Galen is held by Melody and Steve as the story continues
And his parents loved him the moment they saw him and they called him Galen Michael Millar and his name was Galen Michael Millar. And it was a cool, clear, morning when he was born and the sun smiled down it’s greeting warm and glowing upon him. Galen quickly settled into life in his new home and laughed for the first time when he was a week old. He giggled and smiled through sweet, sweet dreams.

And then Galen was one.

(light candle)*

And he played peak-a-boo with Daddy’s shirt, “Uuuuup!”, “Dooown” and rubbed his belly. He loved to “Hop up my Ladies” and hum little tunes all day long. He climbed and played and got into mischief and grew.

And then Galen was two

(light candle)

And he got his very own teddy bear and carried him everywhere. He sang “Goodbye Old Paint” at chorus and loved spending time with E-Daddy.

And now Galen is three.

(light candle)

He became a big brother because Màiri was born and he sings to her and rocks her back and forth and gets sad if he doesn’t get a “holding of her” He is everyone’s “little helper boy”. He wants to grow gardens and be a cowboy. He is “getting bigger to use a saw”.

Galen has grown strong and beautiful, funny, sweet and kind and we are blessed to have him in our lives.

I spoke on behalf of Steve and I about how much Galen means to us and how we promise to always care for him.

Then Seal said a few words about her role in his life.

My sister Tina sung “The One Who Knows” by Dar Williams.

The Origin of Màiri’s name (read by Steve):
We have named you Màiri, meaning ‘wished-for child’, after your Grandmother Marie —- and your Great-Grandmother Mary —-. The name Rose was given to you by your brothers.

“Charge to the Child” by Joy Harjo, read by Molli:

Remember the sky that you were born under,
Know each of the stars stories.

Remember the moon, know who she is.
Remember the sun’s birth at dawn that is the
Strongest point of time. Remember sundown

And the giving away to night.

Remember your birth, how your mother struggled
To give you form and breathe. You are evidence of
Her life, and her mother’s and hers.

Remember your father. He is your life also.

Remember the earth whose skin you are:
Red earth, black earth, yellow earth, white earth
Brown earth, we are earth.

Remember the plants, trees, animal life who all have their
Tribes, their families, their histories too. Talk to them,
Listen to them. They are alive poems.

Remember the wind. Remember her voice.
She knows the origin of this universe.
And that this universe is you.

Remember that all is in motion, is growing, is you.
Remember that language comes from this.
Remember the dance that language is, that life is.


Baby Blessing read by Me:

(rubbing water from the brook on top of her head)

You are connected, protected, loved, and blessed by the Divine.

(rubbing water on her forehead)

All your senses are blessed, protected, and awakened.

(rubbing the water over her heart)

Your heart is blessed so that you may feel compassion for yourself and others.

(rubbing the water on both her hands)

Your hands are blessed so that you may reach out to the world.

(rubbing the water on her feet)

Your feet are blessed so that you may connect with the earth, be grounded, and stand your ground in this world. Know that your spirit is strong and it will guide you through this life. Know that you are being watched over and that you are never alone. Know that you are deeply loved and that your presence brings overwhelming joy.

As part of her blessing to Màiri, Molli quoted William Blake,
To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

And then spoke of her love for Màiri and joy at being a part of her life.

I thanked everyone for joining us and directed them to the children’s memory boxes.

My sister Rachel ended the ceremony by playing a Minuet.

*We forgot the candles and improvised with dropping a leaf from high up in the air and watching it float down for each year.


10 thoughts on “The Blessing

  1. Nicole

    That sounds so lovely! I wish we had enough people around us who would “get” something like that – how lucky you are!

  2. Colleen

    sounds lovely. we did a baby naming (blessing) ceremony for my youngest daughter when she was 6 months old. it was such a special day. she was surrounded by everyone who loved her. everyone wrote a blessing for her on a piece of pretty paper and then one by one around the circle they gave Jayla her blessing.

  3. nova_j

    if only every child was welcomed with such joy, imagine how different the world might be!?

    sadly i second what nicole said..

  4. jumbleberryjam

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful blessing! I don’t know how you got through the entire thing (speaking) without crying to the point of incoherence :-) So breathtakingly beautiful (like all that you do).

  5. Jenna aka Town&Country Mouse, formerly Citygirl

    What a beautiful ceremony!!! Thanks for sharing all the photos and sweet blessings that were spoken.

  6. taimarie

    This is so lovely and inspiring. You surround your children with such beauty and reverence and I always feel lucky that you share it here.

  7. nadine

    It fills my heart with such joy to read of the love and beauty and wisdom that you and your family are creating. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your words and images – so inspiring! What a wonderful way to honor the connections between your children and the people who care for them.

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