I may need a 12-step program….

My current average is 2 dresses made for every month of her life. And for those of you out there trying to do the math, that means that yes, there is still another dress lurking that I haven’t gotten around to showing you yet. Though technically she is almost four months now (how can that be?!?) so that estimate can be seen as slightly skewed.

This isn’t just frivolous sewing though. We had to get rid of most of Iain and Elijah’s baby clothes after I got sick. I made almost all of Galen’s clothes, but I was still pretty sick at the time and we were in some of the most intense phases of the building process, so I didn’t make much. Which of course meant that the things that I did make got worn to death, to the point where there is really next to nothing left. So, she does need clothes. Of course those clothes don’t have to be dresses, but if I’m going to be sewing anyway, then they might as well be, right? Right.

I made this one from the same pattern as the yellow one, only this time I used thicker bias tape, added some eyelet to the hem and made a matching pair of bloomers to wear underneath. I think I’ve officially deemed it the dress pattern of the 2009 Spring Baby Wardrobe.

And this is the other fabric that I got during my birthday-happy thoughts-bitty spring baby dresses-fabric shopping trip. And I think it really suits her coloring (let’s be honest here though, what doesn’t suit this girl?).

If things go as planned, I will hopefully have more spring/summer sewing to share. That biggest boy of mine is greatly in need of clothes too. I’m working on hers while I wait for some of the fabric for him to show up.

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On an entirely different note, I changed my banner yet again because after the record breaking heat wave this weekend, wee-ones in woolens just didn’t seem right. So I’m lightening things up. Bare foot in the garden for the first time this season, for me, and the first time this lifetime for her. And that surely seems a first worth commemorating.

This last picture really has nothing to do with the dress and everything to do with the fact that a mid-laugh photo is always good for a smile.

6 thoughts on “I may need a 12-step program….

  1. Melanie

    Oh- sewing for little girls is so much fun! I’ve got one little girl- age 8- and two little boys- 5 and 2.
    There is so little imagination out there for boys’ clothing, that I wind up taking girls’ patterns, and modifying them to be more boyish for my boys to wear. I’ve also made a TON of pants, snazzying them up with pockets, applique, and fun fabrics.
    Have fun sewing for your little girl! I have made tons of dresses, jumpers, skirts. . .you name it for my little girl.

  2. loliecraft

    You did a wonderful job! This dress is just so sweet, from the tiny flowers to the eyelet trim. What a lucky girl to have such beautiful mama-made dresses!

  3. taimarie

    What sweetness. That girl of yours is just so lovely, and her mama-made wardrobe is pretty terrific!

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