An Old Fashioned Sort of Girl

Here is the sweater and bonnet to go with little Rosebud’s first spring dress. Looking back at that post, I’m amazed at how much she’s changed in the last month! She looks so much older now. My Wee Girl spent this entire photo shoot cooing and smiling and babbling; blowing bubbles too, as that is currently her very favorite pastime.

I was looking for something with a vintage kind of feel to it to complement the vintage pattern and reproduction fabric that make up the dress. I finally decided on the Short Rows Baby Jacket by Barbara Collins (free pattern available here) and another LTK pilot cap, with a crocheted flower accent.

Much like the dress, there is obviously lots of room to grow in this one. Though honestly, the dress isn’t anywhere near as loose as it once was. And I’m sure it won’t be long before this seems to fit “just right” too.

I know the flower is kind of goofy, but I’m hoping that it’s goofy in an adorable sort of way and not in a ridiculous sort of way.

The truly ridiculous part is how proud I am of the fact that I crocheted that flower! If you could see some of my past attempts at crocheting, you’d probably understand why. Thankfully, I think that all such evidence has been disposed of. These two little flowers actually came together quite easily for me, so perhaps the time is ripe for me to give crochet another go??

I’ve never been a huge fan of the color yellow. A couple of years ago, I got friendly with a certain shade of pale buttery yellow, and that was where my interest stopped. But ever since knitting Màiri’s blanket, it’s nearly become an obsession with me. Suddenly I’ve found myself wanting to make everything, everywhere yellow.

The darker of the two yarns is Cascade ECO+ shade #8457. The lighter is a delicious silk/merino blend by Plymouth Yarn.

Speaking of delicious, would you just look at that…

This, right here, is why I never seem to get anything done. There are only so many hours in a day and I surely must devote at least 90% of them to kissing those cheeks. How could I not?!?

11 thoughts on “An Old Fashioned Sort of Girl

  1. Julian

    oh lord have mercy! Isnt she sweet! Im sooooooooo glad you had a girl. How lucky she is that you can make her clothes!

  2. Melanie

    I love her little yellow knitted things!
    I also love that cap pattern, I’ve made it myself many times. I love it adorned with a flower!
    And Mairi looks to me like your oldest one Iain, am I right?

  3. Colleen

    she is so sweet.

    i love the sweater and the hat and i LOVE the crocheted flower. and the colours are gorgeous.

    I want a hat like that…he he

  4. Melody

    Melanie-I think she looks a lot like Iain too. They are both more fair in skin and hair then the other two. It’s funny that they also share a birthday and a lot of similar personality traits. Very strange for me sometimes, living through the same things, only totally different, 9 years removed!

  5. Dan

    Melody, You are just amazing! I can’t believe the amount of energy you have to do all that you do. You truly are a “super-mama”. I have enjoyed looking at all the beautiful clothes you manage to create for your children. I soooo look forward to meeting your little princess. She is gorgeous!! I hope you are well. Aloha, Danielle

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