Hancock Shaker Village

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to meet my parents at Hancock Shaker Village.

That’s Seraphina’s birthday sweater.  There was just enough yarn leftover to make a little woodland sprite bonnet to go with it.  I survived the steeking, but I assure you, I’m in no hurry to attempt it again!  The whole process was fiddly.  I should have used a color with more pop for the flowers.  I knew it might be a problem and I was right.  I just loved both yarns so much that I hoped the influence of my affection would inspire them to play together nicely.  I couldn’t find any buttons in my stash that I liked for it, so I whipped up some little fabric covered ones.

We’ve moved on to other birthdays now.  We will have two teenagers in the house before the week is out!  Mind-boggling

I’m reading, let’s see?  Four different books now?  It suddenly got hot and my brain went on vacation.  I can’t keep track of them.  When I misplace one, I just pick up something new.  Saved by Ben Hewitt is the latest and it’s looking promising.

After that atrocious winter we seem to have skipped spring and launched right into summer.  I’m livid.



5 thoughts on “Hancock Shaker Village

  1. Claudia

    Adorable birthday sweater and bonnet, and is that one of your boys dressed as a milkmaid? Awesome.

    I read Saved; I’ll be interested in your response and will save mine until I read yours. Enjoy.

  2. Karisma

    Oh my! Your baby is adorable. I love her cardigan and bonnet. Too precious. :-) The weather seems to be crazy all over the world. We have pretty much skipped Autumn and gone straight into winter. Its a wee bit cold around here for this time of year. Brrr.

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