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“Clothes at one time were a reflection of the inner reality of the person, were chosen to be a reflection of personal individuality.”  ~Dotty Coplen Parenting for a Healthy Future


There is a great conversation going on in the comments of my last post on this subject.  So I thought I would bring it back out here into the open where people can continue to chime in.


What I want is this; to be relatively clean and well kempt most of the time.  To have 3 or 4 ways of doing my hair that are quick, easy and reliably nice looking.  To have a small, manageable wardrobe consisting of clothing that is comfortable, flattering, aesthetically pleasing to me and that fits both my body and my life style.  As a bonus, maybe a pretty everyday-ish kind of necklace that pleases me and some sort of tinted, moisturizing lip gloss/balm made from natural ingredients, just to feel a little pampered, polished, luxurious.  Really, that’s all I’m looking for.  I don’t want to spend a lot of time or energy, because frankly I don’t have either and I’m really not that fussy*.  I just want to stop sighing and settling when I rummage through my drawers in the morning or downright panicking when I’m called upon to go out in public.


I know just what I want to dress my kids in.  I can tell you exactly how I’d like my husband to dress- basically how he does now, only with more sweaters!  But I’m not sure what I love for me.  Sometimes I think I know and it turns out to be all wrong in one way or another…or even in many, many ways.  So this is the thing that I’ve been trying to figure out.


I was thinking about this as I was reading Women in Clothes.  What do I love?  I love cardigans, dresses, the color grey.  But what specific parts of my wardrobe do I have right now that really make me happy?  And my first thought was my wedding rings.  A couple of chapters after thinking this I came to the project shown above.  They had all the women in an office photocopy their hands and talk about their rings.


When Steve and I were shopping for wedding bands, my ideal was simple, but not plain.  His was simple and as plain as plain can be, so we knew they weren’t going to match exactly.  I was looking at white gold, he was looking at yellow.  I wanted  them to at least be the same color, so I went with yellow and as I’ve gotten older, I’m really glad I did.  It’s classic.  He’s classic too.


My rings are unique and kind of unabashedly delicate and feminine.  The Celtic knot band reminds me of filigree or lace.  It’s an oval now, not a circle.  I love that I’ve left that mark on it.  Years upon years of wearing it while knitting.  One tiny effortless motion that when repeated over and over again has the power to bend metal and make it my own.


The other ring is newer (to me) and part of it’s story can be found here.  When we started getting serious about renewing our vows a few years in the future, I asked him to take any money he was planning on spending on me for any gift giving occasion, even if it was just a card, and put it into a savings account instead.  So I’d get a little note for my birthday or Christmas, though he often cheated and bought the card as well- to write the note in- and eventually, with that money, he bought me this ring (which really wasn’t as expensive as it looks, in case you are shaking your head at how frivolous all this was).  We had this ring and his ring engraved.  It was made in the 1950′s, but the design is based on a style that was popular during the Georgian Era into the Victorian Era.  It’s hard to see in these pictures, but it’s actually shaped like a flower.  The two rings together are obviously very different style wise, but I like that they both feature scalloped edges.


*Alright, well, actually I am, but it’s a weird kind of minimalist fussy where I don’t want much, but the things I do want are very specific.



4 thoughts on “this woman in clothes

  1. Dee

    Your rings are beautiful (and so are you)! I didn’t get a chance to comment on the last post, but it really resonated with me. After being a sahm for nearly 14 years, I returned to work outside the home last year. I decided to adopt a “uniform” of sorts to make our hectic mornings easier. I wear a dress and cardigan about 95% of the time and being intentional about my look has really changed the way I feel about getting dressed. It’s amazing what a little self care can do. I don’t have a lot of clothes, but I adore color and certain shapes, and so when I shop now, I know exactly what I’m seeking. I think for a long time, I tried to deny my personal style, convinced that others would think I was fussy, but I no longer care! A big inspiration has been Alys Fowler who appears at equally at home in the garden, on her bike, or walking down the street, regardless of what she has on. I wear things that are pretty, but that I don’t mind getting dirty (transplanting new strawberries after work today with my 5 y/o). BTW, you might enjoy the documentary “Advanced Style” (it’s on netflix). The women in the film give the greatest advice. One of my favorite quotes from the movie is “I think good style improves the environment.” I think I need Women in Clothes now, too.

  2. Melody Post author

    Yes, yes, yes!!! That is exactly it. And I adore Alys Fowler too. Which actually had me searching for Alys style articles. Here are a couple you might be interested in:

    The first is more about her and her sense of style and I love what she says, but in the second I love what she’s wearing!

    I’ve noticed too that just thinking and talking about these things has made me somewhat more intentional by default. Like even if I’m still wearing the same old stuff, maybe I’m mixing it differently or at least being aware of why I’m opting to put it on for that particular day.

    I will absolutely check out that movie! Thank you for the recommendation!

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