Down the Starry Path

I’ve been kept busy these last few days with some impromptu visitors and now with sick little ones. Nothing bad, thank goodness, and now that I think of it, this is the first time all winter that any of my children have been sick. And it’s the kind of sick that means little sleep for the mama, but otherwise isn’t so very bad, so I’m not complaining!

This weekend my little guy turned 3! Wow, that was a quick three years. They just keep getting faster, don’t they?

Late in the evening, long after the Goosey-boy was fast asleep, Iain and Elijah helped me to lay out a path of stars from his bed to his birthday table. They were very excited by being granted this honor (yeah, they were probably pretty stoked about staying up late too).

You can count this as my Yellow Day 5, since I didn’t get around to posting it separately, as I had planned.

I really wanted to take some fabulous pictures of the celebration, but between juggling a baby and a camera, lighting that doesn’t always cooperate, and those times when somebody else was doing the picture taking, I didn’t really end up with the selection that I envisioned. I know, I know, it shouldn’t really matter, but I do like for them to have these things to look through as they get older and I like having them for me too! Here are some of the pictures from his special day…some illustrating the festivities and some that just made me smile!

The birthday boy, up bright an early!

Following the starry path

All of the grandparents chipped in with us for one big gift…that didn’t make it in time. I told him a story about how we asked a kind man from a far-away land (you know, Ohio), to make him a very special gift, but then Jack Frost came and threw a great big party! Everything got covered in ice and the poor kind man couldn’t walk out his door without falling down. So his present will get here just as soon as Jack Frost’s party is over.

We had other things for him to open though. There were lacing cards from Aunt Tina. The boys pooled their money to buy him a little wooden bowl and culled their collections to find a few little treasures that they knew he would adore. The favorite of these being the very old little wind-up bird in a cage that my Mother-in-law found at a yard sale years ago and gifted to Elijah. Elijah had been telling him for weeks that “Peeper” would come to sing happy birthday to him and knowing how very happy it would make him, Elijah decided to surprise him by giving Peeper to him.

Then there was “The Big Book of Baby Galen”, which is what we’ve been calling the photo book that I made for him.

I’ve been working on it since his birth and we finally decided to have it printed out. With a new little one in the house there have been lots of questions about what life was like when *he* was little. And a common refrain these days starts with, “When I was very tiny…” And now he can see for himself that yes, indeed I did carry him in a sling and nurse him and do all the very same things that he sees me doing for Màiri now.

We found out the day before that Me-Mom and Pop-pop could actually make it up for his birthday. So he got to have a lovely birthday visit with them. We had a sledding party with our dear neighbor and one other family. The family of his little friend who is exactly 4 months younger then him. The two of them are adorable together and run all over the place holding hands and chattering away.

Galen had lots of fun out in the snow with everyone!

Then we all went back to our house for dinner. The birthday boy requested chicken noodle soup, which was really just right after an afternoon of sledding. Of course on the day before, when Iain asked me what Galen’s birthday dinner would be, he immediately pipped up with “CAKE!” And of course he got cake too. Squash cake with raisins and dates and orange zest, topped with coconut cream icing and all made into the shape of a teddy bear (of course!).

The book that his little friends made for him, so sweet!

Happy, happy birthday my little one.


7 thoughts on “Down the Starry Path

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing! You have a beautiful family – and that hat is wonderful! I think I will “borrow” the star idea from you…

  2. Molli Rocket

    Although I don’t have, you know, maternal bones in my body, I’m amazed at how often I carry my laptop around the house, shouting to my room mates, or, you know, Stephen J., “Look at her children! Just look at her children! Have you ever seen such goshdang adorable children!”
    I fear for myself (and the children) when I become an old lady. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna turn out to be a cheek-pincher. Dang.

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