A Dress by Golly! (and a One Month Old)

A while ago my friend Heather (the same one that sent the yarn, she does spoil me so…) sent us a box of baby clothes, including two adorable sets of longies with matching caps.

And as cute a look as this is…

it’s kind of cold here for that sort of thing! When my mom gave me some leftover organic jersey, that just happened to match the green from this set, I decided it must be fate. So, I made a little dress. Because I have a girl now and I have an excuse to do that sort of thing!

And here it is (minus the hat and covering the longies, ironically)…

I made it big because this girl just keeps growing and growing. It’s very soft. I think it’s pretty darling in it’s over-sized state, but honestly, what wouldn’t be adorable on this girl?!?

I was having some issues with the tension on my machine, so some of the work is rather sloppy. *shrug* That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

And because my darling little love turned one month old yesterday (where, oh where did that month go???)…

Oh, I’m so in love!

::This one is my favorite!::


12 thoughts on “A Dress by Golly! (and a One Month Old)

  1. jumbleberryjam

    Yes! What Michelle said. Oh, I just LOVE the longies/hat picture. Her sweet skin is the same color pink as the yarn!

  2. Simbelmyne

    so beautiful!

    oh, wait you were posting about the knitting and clothes.
    Those are beautiful too.

    She’s a lucky little girl.

  3. gardenmama

    What a beautiful sweet baby! I love that dress. I would like to have it for my daughter! I adore that color of green.

  4. Jenn

    Awww! She is absolutely adorable! And I love the dress. Green is definitely a good color for little Mairi.

    Happy 1 month Mairi!

    And I have to ask where you got the dress pattern from…I usually wing it with tank dresses, but I love that one.

  5. heather

    oh melody, she is just breathtaking. i can’t believe you find the time to sew, amazing! lucky kiddos…

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