Rosebud Pink

Would you just look at what my dear friend Heather sent me??

A whole bag of rosebud pink yarn! And now to decide what to use it for…oh, the possibilities…

Thank you all for joining me on my little Thinking/Noticing series. It wasn’t actually something I planned, it just seemed to fit where I was at for the last couple of weeks. It’s also an interesting little snapshot of life during this postpartum period. I’m glad to have that bit of a record. I may well keep up with the occasional post in the same vein, but I think you can also expect some more regular style posting this week. I’ve lots to share; a couple of knitting projects, a hand sewing project, some machine sewing, some fabulous crochet (not my own work, obviously, as my crocheting is far from fabulous), I’d imagine you can expect some pictures of little ones, especially considering the fact that a certain little one will be turning one month old (!) this week, and I still, still haven’t finished sharing Christmas presents and Iain’s birthday with you. So, there are lots of options, now all that remains to be seen is if I can manage to find the time to post about any of them!


4 thoughts on “Rosebud Pink

  1. gardenmama

    It has been a beautiful thinking series. And wow, your new little one is only almost a month old and you are blogging! I started my blog several months after my son was born, but it still takes me way more than a month to even feel human! Kudos to you!

  2. taimarie

    I think a bag of pink yarn is the perfect gift for a knitty mama with her first little girl! Something lovely will come of I’m sure.

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