Week in the Life, Sunday

It’s still snowing.  The roof is leaking.  That blurry little tooth down on the left (#8!) has been keeping us up at night.

Work for the big boys in the early morning.  A party a bit later.  Galen woke up with a cough and Seraphina and I stayed home to care for him.  Because of our food allergies I make sure to bring an entire meal my family can eat, plus a birthday cake substitute.  We tried a variation on these chocolate donuts, with a few honey glazed, plain vanilla for Mairi who can’t have chocolate.  We baked them in a muffin tin and Iain insisted on using an apple corer to put holes in them, “just like real donuts”.  I’m seeing now that I forgot to have Steve sign the birthday card.  Oops.

Galen wants to put on a puppet show for Seraphina’s birthday.  Puppet production started today.  We tried taking pictures of snowflakes.  They didn’t really turn out very well.  The flakes were too clumpy at that point.  While baby had her nap, we treated ourselves to our chocolate donuts and tea while watching a gardening show.  In between laundry and dishes and all that good stuff we managed to sneak in a board game, just the two of us.

Their night to make dinner.

Yesterday she took 3 steps to get to Iain.  Today she took about 10, crossing the kitchen to get to me.  I kept inching back and she kept on coming with a huge grin on her face while everyone stood around laughing with amazement and sheer joy.  I know I’ve seen babies learn to walk before.  I don’t care.  It’s still exciting and I’m still amazed!

Elijah and I stayed up late planning gardens.


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