Iain: After not knitting for months, maybe even a year or more?  He’s suddenly been inspired to knit every day this week.

Galen: Experimenting with charcoal drawings.

Mairi Rose was asked what made her special.  I thought she might say something about her splits and straddles.  She’s forever reminding us how she’s the only one in the house who can do them.  She gave the question some serious consideration, much more then I would have expected.  Finally her face lit up and she said, “That I have an Iain and an Elijah and a Galen and a Seraphina!”

Seraphina: This picture!  Ack!  It’s a blurry mess and I probably shouldn’t even post it, but oh, it made me laugh!  Elijah says she looks fierce.  She had just spilled water all down the front of herself.  Halfway through changing her, she started entertaining everyone by showing them how she could go from sitting to standing.  This girl knows when she has a captive audience.  She’s so very pleased with herself!  She claps when she makes it all the way up.  It was just such a funny, special moment.  So that terribly blurry, ridiculous photo is my favorite of her this week, all the same.


4 thoughts on “09/52

  1. MamaAshGrove

    Sometimes, knitting works that way!
    And Mairi Rose is indeed special to be surrounded as she is, in so many people to love, and who love her!
    Oh my goodness, I love the exuberance of the new (or almost there) one year old, doing so many amazing things and feeling so proud! And sometimes fussy over it all too. . . ;)
    Littlest girl is darling in that photo. How wonderful you captured that moment!

  2. Heather

    How is it possible that your little sweetie is walking already????????? I can’t believe it.

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