For: Galen, From: Mama

Just like Mama…


A reoccurring conversation around here lately…
Galen: “Are you going to take your baby with you??”
Me: “Yes, I’m going to bring the baby with me.”
Galen: “I’m going to bring my baby too!”

Meet Princes, formerly known as Anderzander. Yes, that’s Princes and not Princess. Despite the male (and plural?!?) title, he/she seems to be of an unknown, or perhaps ever evolving gender.

This is the first doll of this sort and shape that I’ve made and it’s wonderfully soft and squishy. Just right for cuddling and the perfect size for little toddler hands. I’m glad that I went this way instead of making the traditional Waldorf style baby doll that I had originally planned.

And that’s about all the patients that a certain little someone had for this particular photo shoot…


5 thoughts on “For: Galen, From: Mama

  1. jumbleberryjam

    How completely adorable! Princes even looks like Galen :-) I wish I had a shred of sewing skill and the patience it’d require to make one for my little guy. He’ll definitely need one come time for his sibling’s arrival!

  2. sistermama

    What a lovely little doll. He has the sweetest face, always the hardest part to get right, I think!

  3. Jenna

    Oh-my-heart-meltingly-cute!!!!! You are raising the sweetest future Daddies ever! And I love that Princes’ outfit matches one of the new baby’s too. Clever Mama!

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