What’s In a Name

Since some people asked…

Màiri: MAH-ree

A Scottish variant on Marie/Mary. Marie is my dear Mother-in-law’s name. It’s also my baby sister’s middle name. And my beloved Scottish-Irish Grandmother was named Mary. She had a great love of any and all things coming from that region and I feel strongly that she would have approved. I like that we were able to honor people on both sides of the family, while still giving her a name that is uniquely hers. I just wonder how long it will be before everyone in the house stops walking around singing “Màiri’s Wedding” all day long!

Rose really came from Iain and Elijah, who have loved the name for a long time. In fact, they wanted to name Galen “Rose”, even after we found out he was a boy! (once we convinced them that it really was a better name for a girl then a boy, they wanted to name him Ace “so we can flip him over in a card game” Lancelot. I’m afraid we had to veto that one!)

I was partial to Irene as a middle name, after my mother. But that didn’t have much of a following, and in some cases (ahem, Steve) was met with strong opposition. I floated Màiri-Rose Irene, but that didn’t get very far either. And after the very person that I was trying to honor voiced her dislike of the name, I gave in.

So, Rose it is. It’s a sweet old-fashioned sort of name and rather suits her with her rose-y checks and darling little rose-bud mouth.

And so we have our Màiri.

Màiri Rose

(though in my head I still tend to call her Màiri Irene)


8 thoughts on “What’s In a Name

  1. emma

    I have been so carefully trying not to hum “gaily gaily off we go, heel to heel and toe to toe” every time I see pictures of her! But now I shall stop being careful.

    Shw’s so precious.

  2. Lizz


    My Jonah’s middle name is Rose to make Jonah more feminine (I actually think it is very feminine as the meaning in Latin is Dove). I love Rose for a middle name.

  3. CC

    Love, love the name. Irene Rose has been on every name list we have had — as the mother of only boys (so far) I haven’t had a chance to use it (yet).

    All happy family blessings to you and your tribe!

  4. loliecraft

    Thank you for sharing your naming story! I love to hear the reasons names were given. It’s wonderful that you were able to honor so many family members with her name, and that your older boys were able to be included. It’s a perfect name for this beautiful girl!

  5. Iris

    It’s a wonderful name for such a beautiful baby! My eldest daughter is called Mathilde Roisin (pronounced ROWsheen)which means little Rose in Irish. I’m Irish, my husband’s German and we’re living in Germany at the moment, but might be moving back to an English-speaking country at some stage. It was so difficult trying to decide what names would pose the least difficulties for our children no matter where we live.

    We only realised after we gave our second daughter the name Claire Blathnaid (little flower in Irish), that including my name, we had firmly established a floral theme! We’re all in full agreement that if we ever have a boy, he’ll have to have the name Darragh (which means ‘of the oak’ in Irish).

    Wishing you all lots of cozy days together.

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