the adventures of Mairi Rose (and 05/52)

When I transferred my pictures this week, I found a whole collection of images of Mairi.  I must really be charmed by this current newly 6 stage and all of them together seem to kind of make up a picture of who she is right now.  I couldn’t pick just one.  So instead I’ve put together a photo essay of sorts.

wanting to try to do her hair on her own

This is how she bowls…throw a ball, do a split, throw a ball, do a split.  That’s also how she dries dishes, eats dinner, has conversations.Learning to braid using playsilks.

She made herself fairy wings.

This one has been such a Daddy’s girl lately.


2 thoughts on “the adventures of Mairi Rose (and 05/52)

  1. MamaAshGrove

    Well my goodness, her hair seems suddenly so very long! she’s such a lovely girl, with such a bright little face! And her splits impress me. :)
    I love the braiding playsilks idea, I think Cedar would enjoy that.

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