I’m trying to lean into the cold.  By day we’re making ice art and blowing bubbles that freeze in mid-air.  By evening my resolve weakens as I go to bed wrapped in a cardigan, after soothing my soul with British gardening shows.

We’ve had so many unexpected expenses in the last year, it’s kind of mind boggling.  As pleasant as it would be to just continue on and pretend that it doesn’t make any difference, I suspect it wouldn’t remain pleasant for long.  I feel like, as my father would say, we are hemorrhaging money.  A lot of what was said in this post is really resonating with me just now.  Truly it’s time to start trying to staunch the bleeding.  When we were informed, at the last minute, that we needed to contribute something to a raffle basket for 4H, rather then going out and buying something, I looked around to see what I could manage without spending any money.  The theme was Valentine’s Day.  Some leftover kitchen cotton and a couple of free washcloth patterns to the rescue.

I’m now working on a 12th birthday gift for a friend, again on short notice (the birthday card above is unrelated.  I just thought the picture was cute!).  These are not the kinds of projects that I want to be working on.  Rather then being resentful, I’m trying to look at it as a gift I can give my family.  Small though the amount may be, it’s that much less draining out of our bank account, leaving that much more to meet our needs.  What a blessing it is to have the skills to gather up some supplies at hand and transform them to meet your needs!  I’ll willingly share that gift with my family, though I will say that, considering, I’m all for people giving us a bit more notice in the future!

I’m reading Nick of Time at Elijah’s request.  It’s quite a short book, that currently feels like it’s dragging on.  Likely due to the siren call of that stack of big girl books, just in from the library and patiently waiting for me.  I’d just as soon move on, but I’m afraid his feelings might be hurt if I don’t follow through.  If only I didn’t keep falling asleep while reading it!


5 thoughts on “frigid

  1. nicole

    I love the dish cloths! What a wonderful idea.
    It’s so nice to hear that that post is resonating with you. I mean not that you are dealing with money issues, too, but just that we are not alone. I hope that makes sense.
    I think I ignored our money problems too long and so now it’s a lot worse than it should have/could have been. But all I can do is move forward and learn from my mistakes, right?

    Please do share which British gardening shows you are watching. I found a few on youtube I am loving at the moment.

  2. Melody Post author

    Oh, you must share too! I think Edible Garden is my favorite. I’m pretty sure I want to be Alys Fowler when I grow up. But there is only one season of that. Fork to Fork is nice because you get both growing and cooking advice, but it feels more practical and not just a great big, gorgeous garden fantasy. The Great British Garden Revival is somewhat hit and miss with me- the topics don’t always apply, but interesting none the less. It seems like there are millions of episodes of Gardeners World on youtube. And no, I don’t just spend my time watching gardening shows! I’ve only seen an episode or two of most of them.

  3. melody

    Balloons, filled with water and various colorings (food coloring works), set out to freeze. Once they are solid, just peel away the balloon!

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