Feeling Festive

Alright, well today I’m actually feeling rather cranky. After two days of contractions that really seem to go no where, I’m both uncomfortable and quite tired. I’m feeling like I could still have a while left to go. Steve says I’m just holding out for the birth tub to be ready :) . Who knows? We’re hoping to get it filled tonight (not a small task considering it holds 220 gallons of water and we have no plumbing!), so I guess we’ll see. But, when I took these pictures and worked on these projects, I *was* feeling festive and I hope to recapture that feeling again soon!

True to my word, I have actually gotten a big head start on the holidays this year. Well, it’s a huge head start for me anyway! It’s very funny, but as an adult, I often think of my poor Aunt Sue, who suffered my teenage scorn for certain practices that seemed strange to me then, but appear perfectly natural or down-right brilliant now. Getting Christmas shopping done early (though unlike her, I don’t think I can ever hope to have it together enough to be mostly done in July!) currently ranks right up there with “everyone remove your muddy shoes before entering the house”, for sound and reasonable advice!

The tree has been procured…

We opted to harvest from our own land this year, in an area that needs to be thinned a bit anyway to allow for more sunlight and air circulation. It’s still outside for now, but will be coming in to be decorated soon.

Our Christmas cards have all been addressed and ready to go for a while now, though they do still appear to be sitting on the shelf above my desk…hmmm…

I started to take a picture of the stack of them, but was met with a look of contempt by Iain who said, “Really Mommy, do you have to take pictures of everything?!?” Ahem.

The Christmas Eve pajamas have all been sewn (all four sets!)…that’s right, no late night December 23rd sewing for me this year!

I don’t want to ruin the surprise for any little ones who might get a glimpse over my shoulder, but I thought that a small sneak peek couldn’t hurt!

And for the wee-one…

This one is so soft and squishy in cotton velour…I can’t wait to dress the little one in it. The whole time I was making it, I couldn’t get “Silent Night” out of my head and I sang it right along with the whir of my machine. Now we wait to see if he or she decides to come in time!

Depending on how the night goes, there may well be a few more holiday sneak peeks tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Feeling Festive

  1. jumbleberryjam

    Oh, I want one of those velour suits for myself! :-) Congrats on all your festive progress. Now, come on little one!!

  2. mamastreasures

    Your words brought tears to my eyes.

    Two years ago right now I was saying exactly the same things.

    My youngest child came into this world on December 12th, 2006.

    We celebrate (mama, papa, 2 big brothers) her arrival on Friday. Maybe your babe will share our joy.



  3. mandy

    We used to get new pjs on christmas eve when I was growing up. It’s a tradition I was thinking of starting for our little one this year, Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Susie Collins

    Mandy, I got new pj’s every Christmas Eve, too! It was so special and such a special memory. But never home sewn like these.

    Melody, what kind of fabrics do you use? 100% Cotton? Do you start with organic cotton or do you wash beforehand to get out any chems? I’m really feeling like I’d like to start sewing more of my own clothing and know you are really careful with nontoxic things. Wondering what you do about fabrics.

    Hope you are hanging in there waiting for the new baby. I’ve been lurking a bit and just wanted to send you some Aloha during your special time.

  5. cjsfeet

    Melody, I do so enjoy visiting your writings. It’s so peaceful to sit and read your words, and viewing your photos brings a calm to my mind. Thanks for the dose(s) of stillness. It’s all I need at times to re-set.

    I am wishing for you all that you desire this season. You are such a wonderful Mommy and wife.

  6. michelle

    The little velour sweetpea is adorable. What a perfect thing for him (or her) to snuggle in on a cold winter’s day.

  7. Christiane

    Hello from a French mom of 6 who enjoyed reading your peaceful words. I can’t wait to see your new little one !

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