back to it

Balloon in a Bottle*

Mentos Geyser Experiment*

Screaming Balloon*

Folding Egg*

Mini Smoke Rings*

Mairi built a bird feeder and rolled candles.  Galen started sewing himself a pair of Woodland Indian style moccasins.  Iain got a soldering iron and built a siren, a Christmas tree and a mini traffic light.  He dismantled an old phone for parts.  Steve helped the big boys to take apart an entire computer, piece by piece, explaining all the parts.  We started getting back in the habit of a daily walk and then stopped walking entirely as a cold went through our house.

During the holidays I altered our daily rhythm.  We abandoned our regular school day, save for math practice and a few little daily reports.  Instead we worked on projects together, either holiday related or not.  I checked out a stack of books full of experiments and building projects and another big pile of books just for reading.    The holidays don’t officially end for us until the 6th, the day after our big double birthday, which means that tomorrow it’s time to start trying to find our way back to every day life.

I feel like I need some sort of reverse advent so that putting everything right again doesn’t seem quite so over-whelming.  So instead of hang stockings or get out Christmas dishes, we would wake up to a note telling us to take down the stockings or pack up the dishes.  Something tells me this wouldn’t catch on quite as well.

*Some of the many experiments we tried from the book Naked Eggs and Flying Potatoes by Steve Spangler.


5 thoughts on “back to it

  1. MamaAshGrove

    A reverse advent sounds like a lovely idea!
    Winter’s birthday is Dec. 29, so it has been our family tradition to take down holiday things on the 28th, before his birthday.
    The projects you guys have worked on look like so much fun!
    When I saw the coke geyser, all I could think of was “and people drink that!” It reminds me of the time when we dyed wool with kool-aid and the children were incredibly disgusted by the fake fruity smellss. When I told them people drink it- they simply would not believe me. :)

  2. Melody Post author

    Melanie- We’ve had many similar experiences. Also whenever something says it’s made with simple everyday things that everyone has around the house, I never, ever have them. Things like cereal boxes. We’ve been known to make Steve get himself a coke so that we can use the can!

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