The playroom color progression:

::All primed and ready to go, with a couple of sample splotches painted!::

::The following two pictures are both of the first color, it appeared very different in different light. On the right hand side of the first picture, you can also see the one small wall of the dining area that we finished. For that wall we used an AFM Safecoat paint in the color Ivory Yellow. Eventually the rest of the first floor will be the same color.::

These two pictures show the walls with two coats of AFM Safecoat paint. We have some good friends who recently finished up building their home and my parents have been working on remodeling theirs. Both of them had extra paint that they didn’t need and they passed it along to us. So, I’ve been mixing our own color combination, based on what we were given. This was a combination of a dark, deep orange and and untinted paint. I was actually looking to achieve a lighter color, but I was more then happy to take what we could get.

::The next layer of color::

After Steve did the main paint color, I came in to do a decorative finish over top. I used a combination of Bio-Shield‘s Wall Glaze and Earth Pigments. I had bought these many years ago to finish the dining room in our old house, but got sick shortly thereafter and never used them. Having access to all of these “free” supplies is what allowed us to continue with this project.

I was trying for a lazure effect similar to what is found in a Waldorf school. I applied the pigment with a sea sponge in large circles and then rubbed and smeared and blended it with a rag.

::The second layer of earth pigments::

The first picture here is the most accurate for color. The second two are lit with artificial light and not accurate representations of the final color. But they do give you a better idea of the painting technique.

It is darker then I would otherwise have done (had I been buying paints instead of using what we had on hand), but it’s also very warm. It took a little while to get used to, at least for Steve and I. I likened it to being inside a pumpkin! The kids loved it right from the start. Now we are all quite content with the space.


9 thoughts on “Color

  1. AndieF

    We have a very similar color and finish in our dining room (It is slightly more yellow.) At first, I didn’t like it, but I’ve grown to love it, and everyone that comes over always comments on how much they love the color and finish, and imagine the same will happen to you.

  2. taimarie

    I love it! The lazure effect turned out really well. Our kids room is almost the exact same colour, with a similar sort of lazure look- I thought it was too much at first too- but we’ve grown to really love it.

  3. Dawna

    Love the finish. I tried to the same in my living room but it was a dismal failure, you did a wonderful job. Great color too.

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