The next layer for the co-sleeper.

This fabric was given to me by a friend who had no use for it. It’s organic cotton. I’m not sure what to call the fabric itself though? It’s very thick and almost has the consistency of felt (though being cotton, it obviously isn’t felt). I’m not sure what the fabric was originally, but when I opened it up, I found that it wasn’t in the best shape. It took me a while to find a big enough section that didn’t have any holes or stains. But eventually I found just the right piece and finished it off quickly and simply with a combination of organic ribbon and organic twill tape. A friend just gave us two wool mattress protectors and so we’ve added another layer underneath as well. It’s coming along!

The pumpkins are ready, the squash is all cooked and waiting to be turned into muffins, there is a jar of apple butter set aside, and the camera batteries are charging, but there is still much to do today in preparation for this evening. I’m hoping to be able to sneak in a bit of yoga while my bread is rising and then it will be on to baking and last minute touches for all of the costumes! For more on how we celebrate Halloween, see this post from last year.

Happy Halloween all!


3 thoughts on “Warmer

  1. Melanie

    This little bed is wonderful. I love the natural colors- so calming.
    The teddy is marvelous too- did you use a pattern? If so, what pattern is it? I think my son who is 20 months would love it.

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