This little co-sleeper here is a new addition to our house, generously on loan to us from a friend, who made it for his own children. It’s all unfinished pine, which suits us just perfectly.

I’ve been busy trying get it set for the Galey-boy, so that we will hopefully have a bit of extra room in bed once the wee-one comes.

I made the pillow, quite simply, using unbleached muslin and wool from our neighbor’s sheep that I scoured and carded. The sheets are a soft, color-grown, organic flannel, in a green-cream gingham. The fabric for this project also came from the big box of organics I bought a couple of months ago.

Mr. Loviness is pretty psyched…


4 thoughts on “Warm

  1. dottyspots

    Co-sleepers are really handy to add a bit of space to your bed! We have one that came in really handy when Ted came along and we still had Nin in with us.

    He has the most wonderful curls :)

  2. cypress

    Oh, it looks so comfy and welcoming! Well done :)
    Lacking a spiffy co-sleeper like yours, we pushed a twin bed up next to our big bed when our peep came along. I have to confess that it is often ME that ends up rolling onto the twin bed since our toddler has a knack for ending up not only in the middle, but sideways as well!

  3. Anonymous

    oh my melody, you seriously make the most beautiful children. and what a lovely bed to have use of, wow!

  4. Angela

    what a beautiful cosleeper! i felt that using a cosleeper made transitioning our girls into their own bed so much more gentle. it also allowed for the closeness that new “big sister” and i still needed, but made room for a new little one.

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