I’m currently reading The Bodies of Mothers: A Beautiful Body Project.  It is stunning, transformative, powerful and true…sags, bags, stretch marks, leaking milk and all.  There are essays and snippets of poetry, but most of the appeal lies in the stunning photographs.

As that is a big coffee table style book, not suitable for, say, laying and nursing, I am also reading Soul Gardening, which is a journal for Catholic mothers.  I am not Catholic, but I am a mother, a mother who is open to inspiration and encouragement from all sources.  This issue in particular contained so much goodness that I’m actually reading it through for a second time.

I don’t believe I ever officially posted about the blanket I made Seraphina while I was pregnant, though pictures of it showed up all the time when she was tiny.  I still love and use it.  As the weather gets colder she is wrapped in it more and more often, but I designed it to be the perfect sort of blanket for wrapping a newborn and this darling girl of mine is not getting any smaller.  And so I find myself knitting another blanket, in creamy snow white, this one a toddler sized blanket that she can grow into.  I don’t yet know if it’s to be a Christmas present or a birthday present.  It makes more sense to give a blanket at the beginning of winter rather then the beginning of spring!  But I don’t want to rush it just to finish in time.  I’m currently working on the simple garter center panel, making it just right for times when I want to be knitting, without paying the slightest bit of attention to my knitting.


4 thoughts on “bundled

  1. Janet

    Beautiful blanket. Our children grow way too fast. I am not Catholic either and enjoy Soul Gardening Journal. Who can’t use inspiration and encouragement?! Even though my children are grown it is still an enjoyable read. Have a beautiful day!!

  2. MamaAshGrove

    I have been so interested to read that book! I’ve seen photos of it around the web and thought they were so beautiful, and inspiring and so true.
    I am wanting to do a baby blanket to wrap this little one up in, for early spring. I love the look of yours! I am playing around with the idea of a simple garter one. First of all, I can bring it anywhere and chat and knit without making mistakes. . . mindless knitting! Also, I think a pretty cotton fabric backing would be lovely. :)

  3. kim schildbach

    Oh my goodness that delicious baby!! As a Catholic mom I’m so happy you posted that journal!


  4. Tonya

    I am not Catholic either, but truly enjoy the Soul Gardening Journal – just wonderfully supportive for mothers.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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