Just Call Me the Frustrated Knitter…

Otherwise known as, the post in which I get thwarted all around.

I’ve had a little stash busting scheme going for a while now. I’m just full of schemes lately, aren’t I? On paper (or well in my head) it seemed brilliant. While money may be tight, I have some resources right here, thought I. I have this lovely basket of yarn, accumulated over the years. Most of it is in small quantities, leftovers from projects past. And what requires little bits of yarn? Why, knitwear for quite little people of course! And so the plan; bitty baby clothes from bitty balls of yarn. Brilliant, no??

Yeah, as it turns out…not so much.

First there was the little boat neck sweater that, lacking enough yarn for the sleeves, became a vest…

It’s rather difficult to photograph because, well, when laid flat, it basically looks like a square…which it more of less is. I think that when worn it will have a bit more character, but I’m not currently in possession of an appropriately sized model.

Next came the pair of longies that were so obviously not going to work that I completely ripped them out, with very little fanfare (perhaps a bit of muttering) before even completing the first leg…

Then came the little cardigan with problems quite similar to the failed boat-neck sweater, not enough yarn to complete the sleeves. This one got set aside while I tried to decide what to do. I was quite attached to this project by this point and had a clear picture in my head of just what it would look like finished. And an equally clear picture of just how our baby would look in it. This was a very special yarn that I had been saving for just the right project and once I found that project, I wanted it to be exactly as I envisioned it. The yarn deficiency was a blow and I needed some time to re-adjust my vision. After a couple of months, I finally resigned myself to the only obvious solution; stripped sleeves. I went to the yarn store and picked out a single skein of equally soft and pretty wool and the most perfect little buttons. I headed back home with plans to finish it up at last, only to find that in all that time waiting, my itty-bitty cardi had somehow been misplaced! It’s an on-going mystery and a simple fact that has brought me to tears on more then one occasion now. *sigh*

This is a picture of me working on it back in June…

So, you know, if any of you happen to come across it, I know that I, for one, would very much like to see it again!

One thought on “Just Call Me the Frustrated Knitter…

  1. Angela

    lol! i can’t tell you how many of my attempt to be thrifty and use up my stash have resulted in nothing but wasted time because i ran out of yarn half way thru!!

    the vest is cute tho’! vests on little ones are great because they warm, but there are no sleeves to get dirty/chewed on/dipped in food or paint!

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