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Thanksgiving Scenes and Sewing

The makings of our holiday…

Flannel napkins from fabric scraps for the kids by Iain and Elijah.

Linen Pulled Fringe Napkins for the adults, by me, tutorial here.

Iced tea brewed from heirloom sweet thyme grown in our garden.

Pastel turkey by Iain.

Lego turkey by Elijah.

Double Rope Braid Bun Tutorial

Birch bark place cards by Iain.

Spiced and Super-Juicy Roast Turkey recipe found here.  Bacon-Blanketed, Herb Roasted Turkey recipe found here. (I used the brine from the first recipe and the cooking method from the second)


hair idea 1: easy chignon

A couple of weeks ago, on my “Hair Ideas” board, I pinned this, with the note, “wonder what this would look like with my crazy curls?”  And here is the answer.  Not nearly so neat and sleek, though it would have been far more so, had I done it with wet hair, instead of tucking dry hair up one day to get it out of my way.  I didn’t bother with the teasing step because, well, I had plenty of “stuffing” already.  Instead of sleek and sophisticated, it’s more messy and fun, but I kind of like it.