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I’m starting a little series specifically geared towards people and caregivers struggling with chronic illness.  I will continue making my regular movies and posts.  Both will be posted on my YouTube channel.  Episodes of the new series will be labeled “Chronical”, which is an infrequently used word in its own right, but in my mind, it’s also a wordplay on the literary chronicle and the chronic nature of our medical issues.  Posting these videos side by side feels like a more holistic representation of my life.    That said, I know that there won’t be a complete crossover in terms of the audience that the respective series appeal to, so I’m hoping that clearly labeling them means that you will be able to tell right off if a video is one that is going to be of interest to you or not.

So, without further adieu, an intro to Chronical….


more pages

More random pages from Galen’s birthday book.  Yes, I’m back to using all white background pages.  Aren’t I boring?  I can’t help it.  I like things to be simple, clean lines, all of that.  Sometimes I get really wild and crazy and change around the font.  Yup.  I am, out. of. control.  Wee-hee.

A winner has been chosen in the software giveaway.  Congratulations to Pamela Smith!  I’ll be contacting you later with your prize.

For everyone else, the special offer is still good: My Memories is offering a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the My Memories store.  To redeem your coupon just enter the code: STMMMS99407


Halloween Elves

My house is right full of them.g & m

From the very little ones, who’s current favorite pastime includes “making necklaces for friends”, a very helpful diversion while the mama plugs away at Halloween costumes.

stringing(as a side note, remember those beaded car seat covers that used to be popular a while back?  A friend of mine snagged one at a rummage sale and we harvested all the wooden beads from it for hours upon hours of stringing fun.)

To family projects where everyone lends a hand…pinatas

To the older ones who have many a trick up there sleeves…DSCN5128

Our house will surely be full of treats come Halloween day!



I had several other posts planned for this week, but the week got away from me a bit.  It’s been a hectic one!  And this weekend is just full, full, full.  Wonderful, but full!  So, I will be back in this space (hopefully) on Monday.

Happy weekend everyone!




The other day Iain accused me of being”too buttonish”.  I think it was right around the time that I took to decorating with buttons.


Ok, so he might have a point.  Though it’s kind of a silly one to make since he likes buttons almost as much as I do.


My Mother-in-law is the maven of yard sale finds.  We joke that she keeps us in our own variation on disposable dishes.  Every year she buys up all of the pieces from a certain pattern that she comes across and ships them off to us to replace all the ones that we’ve broken in the previous year.  A fabulous deal, I tell you!


For my birthday this year she sent me a box of towels and…a box of various sewing notions that she had gathered over the summer.  Now I know that she felt that the towels were the real gift and the notions just something that she was throwing in, and the towels were nice and fluffy and all, but…. there were bits of laces and ribbons and thread, but mostly?  Buttons.

Which lead to a delightful rainy (yes, we had rain, how weird is that?!?) afternoon of sitting around with the kids sorting buttons by color…


Check out these coconut hull buttons…


Almost exactly the same as the ones I used, and spent good money on, for Iain’s sweater.  A whole big bag of them, 149, but Iain’s count.

Oh and did I mention the mother of pearl?  Probably 200 or so?


It seems that people are catching on to the fact that I like buttons.  A couple of people now have sent over some special little buttons collections that they have no use for.  Which means a lot of fun for me.  (For future reference, I like yarn too.  Ooo.. and fabric, patterns, ribbons…and if someone has a spare loom kicking around…I’m just saying….  Oh, but do feel free to keep the buttons coming too!)

DSCN5099The ones above came in a care package from my sister-in-law at Christmas time.  The sheep in particular have drawn the attention of various children.  I’m envisioning a blue sweater for Little Rosebud with the hearts.

And the ones below came from thoughtful blog reader Kim


so. much. fun.


I think the ones on the right are my favorite.  They’re just so sweet!  The ones on the left so need to be on something for Galen, don’t you think?