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WIP: Baby’s First Chrsitmas

Any long, long, long-time blog readers out there?? I think this one will stretch even the best of your memories…

This was the baby’s first Christmas outfit that I started making for Galen’s first Christmas, three years ago now. I thought the likelihood that I would have yet another baby that’s around the right age/size come Christmas time was pretty slim (though it has happened 3 times now, and I would have considered that unlikely as well), so it was feeling like now or never on finally finishing it up.

I think this rather stretches the limits on what’s considered a work in progress. I decided that it (only very narrowly) falls into that category due to a small hole under one of the arms that needs to be closed up. And she did already wear it for Christmas Part II with my family last weekend. We tend to spend Christmas day proper in our jammies!

The yarn is Peace Fleece, though I don’t remember which colors any more. Those are green and red stripes down the lower half, in case you can’t tell. This little girl doesn’t sit still very long for pictures these days!

This is one of those pattern that I really wish I had written down as I went along. I think it turned out pretty darn cute. Oh well. Live and learn.

So, so glad to finally get this one out of my “unfinished projects” pile and see it in use!


Lanterns and Plays for Martinmas

We recently started regularly meeting with two other Waldorf homeschooling families and it’s so wonderful! I can tell that the building up of this mini community is going to be such a beautiful experience for all of our families.

Last week we had everyone over to our house to make lanterns for our Martinmas celebration. We are celebrating a bit late because we have big plans and need the extra time to be adequately prepared.

Ten lanterns were made at once in my little living room, with tissue paper ending up everywhere, and it was great. Galen’s first tissue and glue laden balloon exploded and we had quite the laugh when, two days later, we discovered a wad of tissue paper glued to the ceiling!

I loved seeing them all bobbing around on my clothes line by the fire. We made this type this year. They really are lovely, though I think that the blue ones are going to turn out a bit dark. We might try punching some holes in them or cutting out star shapes and backing them with yellow tissue.

We are currently in the thick of rehearsals for our Saint Martin play, with our performance scheduled for next weekend. And after our play we’ll have out little lantern walk, with all these pretty ones aglow.


Just stopping by…

To post a couple of pictures from a nature walk that we took with some friends last week.

I’ve got my hands full today with sick little people, and after a night of no sleep, my resources are limited.

The echinacea, vitamin C and elderberry syrup are all all flowing freely here. And I’ll have some chicken soup going before long.

No one is too bad off just now. I think that with a little extra nourishment and a lot of rest and love, we’ll all be better again in a few days.



I suspect there will be a lot of picture posts in the next week and not a whole lot of words. It just feels right at the moment. As summer draws to a close, I find myself looking back over the last couple of months and I think that a celebration of summer photo series is in order.

The pictures above were all taken at our CSA this weekend.


Carina’s doll quilt

This little doll quilt and matching pillow were a quickly whipped up gift for our next door neighbor’s 7th birthday.

Lately I’ve started to notice that my friends and family have begun treating me like a repository for their extra and unused craft supplies. The assumption being that I will find something to do with it.

Well now, I can’t really argue with that logic and I must say, I don’t mind a bit! In fact I kind of love it. Because well, seriously, free yarn and fabric? What’s not to love?? It can also be quite fun to take some one’s stash and try to come up with your own vision for it.

And it’s true that when given natural fiber yarn or fabric, I will find something to do with it at some point…. The one glaring exception thus far has been those 2 yards of lime colored metallic fan fabric that are sitting upstairs on a shelf mocking me. Oh, but even that, I am thinking, one day might be able to find a home in the dress-ups box. (Maybe.)

All of the fabrics from this project were gifts of the maybe-you-can-do-something-with-this-since-I-never-will sort. And they all joined together quite happily to make a sweet package for one doll loving little girl.


Hello… and Goodbye for a Bit

Well, it seems that I am again without a computer. I’m not going to say that it’s for good, because I thought that last time, and everything worked out. But I thought that I should let you know that it looks like I won’t be around for a bit. I don’t know how long I’ll be gone, but I promise that at the very least, if my absence lasts until December, I’ll be sure to borrow a friend’s computer to at least get a couple pictures of the new little one up here.

All the best everyone!